The Six O’s of Sales, Identifying Customer Behavior

I hate to tell ya, but everyone is a sales person.  May it be your company, yourself, to your sales, salesforce, sellingboss, to your other boss, to whomever, regardless of the relationship you are always selling.  With that in mind, here’s a snipet on customer buying behavior that will help your sales efforts.

The six “O’s” of organizing Customer Buying Behavior

1.  ORIGINS of purchase: Who buys it?

2.  OBJECTIVES of purchase: What do they need/buy?

3.  OCCASIONS of purchase: When do they buy it?

4.  OUTLETS of purchase: Where do they buy it?

5.  OBJECTIVES of purchase: Why do they buy it?

6.  OPERATIONS of purchase: How do they buy it? Convert features to benefits using the “…Which Means…”

NOTE: “Unless the proposition appeals to their INTEREST, unless it satisfies their DESIRES, and unless it shows them a GAIN–then they will not buy!”

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  1. Lisa says:

    At last some rationality in our liltte debate.

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