How much do you spend on coffee

Coffee is an interesting sport.  Millions of people drink it all across the world.  Sometimes one cup a day, two, three, four, certain brands etc.  The average American who drinks coffee drinks approximately 3.1 cups per day, according to the NCA,  National Coffee Association. Do people actually ever think how much they spend on it.  Some do, most don’t simple as that.  Today’s economy is interesting at best.  We’re seeing people in desperate times with the failure of the real estate market, people losing their life savings in the stock market, the price of gas, an increase on just about everything, not to mention everything is now being taxed. Continue reading

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Retirement, what to do, what not to do, and rollovers

Start early (or just start), stay consistent and never withdraw from you IRA, 401k or 403b.  If you have to withdraw, there are certain things you can do to avoid penalties.  Retirement is a tricky place today.  My opinion is that we are going into somewhat of a crisisi with the next wave of retirees since they weren’t thinking about it that much.  I gave a lecture around a year ago and the retirement discussion came to the table.  I asked the people in the audience who owns a house?  A number of hands went up.  I then picked someone out of the audience.  I asked when do you plan to retire?  The person said around twenty years.  I then asked how much are your current real estate taxes?  The person responded Continue reading

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